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Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

Komodo Is Island The New 7 Wonders Of The Word

Located between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa (Indonesia), National Park Komodo (Komodo), is a unique habitat for relict lizards (reptiles) on the Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis, Komodo monitor lizard).

Komodo National Park includes three major islands of Komodo, Rinca, Padar Indonesian archipelago, and many small islands covering an area of 75,000 hectares.
Komodo National Park, Rinca Island

As the sole habitat of the Komodo Dragon in the national park is also home to many species of birds, mammals, insects, as well as endemic to Komodo rat.  The park Komodo rich marine life: more than 1000 species of fish, 260 species of coral and more than 70 species of sponges. Coastal waters inhabited by sharks, dolphins, whales, sea turtles and other wildlife.

Flora on the islands before mangrove forests, hilly savanna of tropical forests, coral reefs, beautiful bays with white sand.  Komodo National Park (Indonesia) is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Komodo Dragon 
Of course the main attraction of the island faunistic - Komodo lizards. It is believed that from these giant lizards started taking the myth of the dragon, the authorship of which belongs to the Chinese mariners and merchants of ancient times. Local monitors are sometimes called "land crocodiles", "living fossils" and even "the descendants of dinosaurs." In fact, kinship with dinosaurs, lizards and crocodiles in a very remote (dinosaurs, for example, is much more close relatives are the birds). Lizards are also considered one of the most evolutionarily young groups of reptiles, and lizards are not only the largest but also the most highly organized of the lizards.

Komodo lizards belonging to the largest members of the order of lizards (Lacertilia), covered with strong scales, have a long tail, the legs they have five toes with strong claws. Adult Komodo lizard weighing more than 130 - 150 kg reaches a length of 3 - 4 m To grow so, monitors have to live 30 years. In size it is is not very large tiger, and about twice as large as a leopard.

After formation and cooling of volcanic islands, and including the Komodo lizards have settled on them. However, it is not known as giant lizards could domyt to the islands, separated from Australia by more than 800 miles, even if the fishermen are hesitant to take a trip to Komodo. 

In the latest program of the New 7 Wonders of the World (N7W), voting / polling is made to choose the New7Wonders of Nature (7 Wonders of the World Category Nature. The campaign program itself will be begun at 2007 and will be ended on November 11, 2011 (11:11:11).  KOMODO ISLAND PARK which is inhabited by KOMODO as one of the ancient animals left and the largest lizard.is a finalist from Indonesia. 

And now Komodo Island Need Your help  because based on the 7 Latest Ranking of 7 Wonder of Nature per Feb 23rd, 2011 07.56 PM (WIB)

   1. Jeju Islan (Jejudo Korea)
   2. Amazon
   3. Great Barrier Reef
   4. Sundarbans
   5. Dead Sea
   6. Iguazu Falls
   7. Maldives

KOMODO dragon is on 8th  position. So We must Vote for Komodo Island . How to Vote Komodo Island I was found at Komodo Island is the NEW 7 Wonders of The World,, namely :
   1. Go to the url address of this new7wonder website (copy-paste this address):
   2. select the seven natural sites/location, and choose KOMODO
   3. Click "continue to step 2"
   4. Fill your data including your email
   5. Click accept "terms and conditions"
   6. Enter the verification code as an image that appears on the screen.
   7. Click "register"
   8. Open your email
   9. Open the confirmation email from New7Wonder
  10. Click on the link provided in the email.
  11. Done.

So What are you waiting For, Let's Vote our Heritage and make it true
The one and only in Indonesia

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